ArtsNow provides professional learning opportunities, workshops and resources on arts and arts integration.

In addition, as a strategic partner helping to support and advance teaching and learning in and through the arts, ArtsNow meets with school leadership teams and faculty to create a Professional Learning Plan that supports the Local School’s Improvement Plan. ArtsNow team members act as consultants to the principal in designing and delivering modules that are customized to address the needs of the teachers and students in the school. Individualized plans and professional learning service can be custom designed to provide on-going, data driven, job-embedded support.

"ArtsNow has a superlative professional staff implementing work of national significance. These are just the pioneering educators America needs to best serve every public school community in the quest for excellence in and through the arts!" Dr. Larry Scripp, Executive Director Music-in-Education National Consortium (MIENC), New York

The following are brief descriptions of learning opportunities provided by ArtsNow.

Foundational Seminar

This two and a half day professional learning opportunity invites teams of educators (K-12) to explore arts-integrated instructional strategies aligned to Common Core and Fine Arts Standards. These strategies promote 21st century skills, critical and creative thinking, student achievement, and academic growth. Educators leave equipped to bring creativity, innovation, and arts integration into the classroom across all content areas. Workshop participants receive research-based information and ideas to improve instructional design and delivery and are exposed to arts integration as a best practice in teaching and learning. These workshops offer 2PLUs.

Advanced Training

Advanced training has multiple models of delivery. The training is designed for those professionals who have attended the Foundational Training Session and, therefore, extends the depth and breadth of content covered in the Foundational Session. Sessions can be dedicated to one school, or several schools, from one or more school districts. Participants work with our collaborative team in directed learning experiences and planning activities to redeliver to their students. They also have an opportunity to discuss with other educators the implementation strategies, successes, and challenges of integrating the arts into the classroom.

Customized Training and Support

ArtsNow becomes strategic partners with a school to design and deliver professional development workshops and coaching opportunities addressing specific teacher effectiveness and student learning needs within the school. Each partnership begins with a local school needs assessment and customized plan. Local, on-site support and experiences are provided that include workshops, collaborative planning sessions, arts-integrated demonstration lessons with students, coaching, mentoring, teacher observations, and reflections.

Partnership Services and Special Projects

In addition to local school support, ArtsNow offers networking, consultations, action research, strategic planning, and special projects. STEAM workshops and fine arts modules are also delivered by our highly qualified consultant team.

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