Behind powerful learning are people with passion.

Board of Directors

Our independent Board of Directors is comprised of leaders with a variety of expertise, including business, K-12 education, higher education and the arts. The ArtsNOW Board is responsible for overseeing activities and setting the strategic direction of the organization, approving the budget and engaging in fundraising initiatives. All members share a passion for the role of the arts and technology in creating schools that work for all students.

Carol McGrevin, Ph.D., Chair

Partner, MCG Partners
Organizational Leadership Consultant

“As a former educator, I’ve always been a fierce advocate for equipping teachers with the tools they need to be more effective in the classroom. The arts are such a natural way to keep students more engaged, and ArtsNOW’s integration of the arts into traditional school subjects is a powerful and effective teaching tool.”

Pamela Walker, CEO & President

“Integrated learning is all about creative ways of connecting. We apply those same principles to the way we work. From our artist consultants to our board of directors, all the ArtsNOW team members work in concert to transform the way students learn and live.”

Sherry Cohen

“As a long-time Board member, I have had the pleasure to see how the professional development teachers and educators receive from ArtsNOW equip them to engage their students in a more energizing and creative way.”

Rick Rosell, Treasurer

Partner, Bennett Thrasher P.C.

“My family has a deep history in public education and I see the real results from this organization that make the teacher and student interests a priority. Integrating the arts into education helps deliver a much deeper understanding of all of the traditional subject areas.”

Lucinda Chapman

Trustee, Trinity School (Atlanta)

“ArtsNOW is a vital creative resource for teachers, communities, and students. It makes a big difference in how teachers teach, students learn, and we see the resulting positive impact from the schools and school districts we partner with.”

Jill Robinson, Secretary

Chief Financial Officer
Atlanta Braves Organization

“I know first-hand of the unique challenges to children who learn in a non-traditional way. I’m a big believer in the mission of ArtsNOW and the enhanced learning environment their approach brings to the classroom.”

David Shatz

Senior Principal of Arts & Cultural Division, Blackbaud

"As a parent of two children who have gone through the public school system, I've seen firsthand how they engage and learn differently. I am proud to leverage my technology background to help ArtsNow to reach new audiences, become a world-class fundraising organization, and expand our integrated approach into as many schools as possible."

Megan Howard Nellen

Confluence Educational Consulting

"As an educator and consultant to schools, I see the unique and transformative impact that ArtsNOW has on students and teachers. The integration of the arts builds creativity, critical thinking, and confidence in ways that meet the diverse needs of students across schools. I have seen how ArtsNOW brings joy and energy into a school community in ways unmatched by traditional professional development."

Michael D.P. Cavanaugh

Group Executive, Indicor, LLC

"As the child of educators and someone who personally benefited from the arts in my education, I believe in the power of integrating the arts into a comprehensive education. I’m particularly impressed by ArtsNOW’s data-driven approach demonstrating how their programs improve results for students in STEM studies."

Doris Kirby Winston

Chief Client Officer, Equifax Strategic Financial Services

"As someone who values education, I believe that ArtsNOW's approach to professional development for educators, which focuses on nurturing children's unique talents and potential through arts-infused learning, can have a significant impact on their lives and future generations. A well-rounded education that includes the arts and STEM is essential to providing children with the confidence they need to succeed."

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