ArtsNow welcomes volunteers to help with our work!

Currently, we seek volunteers to help ArtsNow with:

  • Ignite Curriculum Guide design and publication: Using lesson plans developed by educators and ArtsNow Consultants, use Microsoft Publisher to design and layout Curriculum Guides. Select artwork for cover image. Produce 2 and 4 page formats in Publisher and PDF. Upload 4-page format to website and add to content management system.
  • Database Management: maintain database of contacts in accordance with MailChimp opt-in/opt-out policies.
  • Event Management: (school showcases and fundraising events): Assist in planning of onsite events at schools and fundraising events. Manage invitations, contact local media, coordinate with vendors, and ensure appropriate signage and program materials are created.
  • IT Software and Hardware management: consult with technology vendors to ensure interoperability of hardware, review and recommend hardware and software solutions. Troubleshoot technology issues as needed.
  • Press and Media Relations: arrange coverage of events and news.
  • Social Media Manager: coordinate FaceBook and Twitter postings.

ArtsNow also offers unpaid internships in these areas to qualified college and graduate school students in exchange for academic credit. Contact [email protected] with your resume and area of interest to be considered for an internship.

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