Equipped educators. Engaged students. Transformed lives.

ArtsNOW transforms traditional learning by integrating visual arts, theatre, music, and dance into all academic subjects, empowering educators to be more confident, joyful, and effective in their teaching which leads to deeper student engagement and academic achievement.


The Challenge

Student engagement and attendance, particularly among economically disadvantaged and reluctant learners, are at record lows. Educators are grappling with a diminishing passion for teaching, which is reflected in high attrition rates. Transforming education will eliminate learning gaps and boost student achievement.

Our Approach

ArtsNOW provides customized professional learning to teachers for arts integration. By emphasizing the arts in education, ArtsNOW creates a dynamic learning experience that promotes teacher confidence and improves the way students engage.

Your Impact

ArtsNOW represents a vital investment in our schools beyond what tax-payer dollars traditionally fund. Your generous gifts make it possible for ArtsNOW to transform lives through research, program development, and grant-matching opportunities to equip educators, engage students, and grow school communities. For every dollar donated to ArtsNOW, $0.88 positively impacts schools, teachers, and students through the arts.