ArtsNow TEAM


ArtsNow has created a team of outstanding, nationally recognized artists and educators who provide instruction and coaching to educators about integrating the arts into their daily lessons. In addition, Ms. Pamela Walker, President of ArtsNow, assisted by members of the team, offers consultation services to a school’s principal and leadership team to create a strategic plan for Professional Learning that addresses the School’s Improvement Plan.

Pamela Walker

CEO & President of ArtsNow

Crystal Collins

ArtsNow Executive Vice President

Delores Spivey McDaniel

ArtsNow Accountant

Shawn Williams

Regional Director

Whitney Snuggs

Project Coordinator

Lane Hall

ArtsNow Executive Assistant

Maribeth Yoder-White, Ph.D.

ArtsNow Senior Consultant

Darlene Guida

ArtsNow Music Consultant

Melissa Dittmar Joy

ArtsNow Dance Consultant

Susie Spear Purcell

ArtsNow Theater Consultant

Debi West, Ed.S, NBCT

ArtsNow Visual Arts Consultant

Les Conley

Administrator on Special Assignment

Shannon Green

ArtsNow Visual Arts Consultant

Barry Stewart Mann, MFA

ArtsNow Storytelling/Drama Consultant

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Atlanta, GA 30328